Show 302 - Half Geek, Half Jock

A pleasant show for everyone. Thank you for tuning in and calling or IM'ing us. We really can't do the show without the listeners.

Show 302 - 01.08.07

Here are some links to some of the things we talked about on the show.
And just a reminder, no show next week. You're off the hook.

SCEPH eats a big MAC... intosh sandwich

Don't fret kids. SCEPH is continuing our steamroll through 2007 tonight, Tuesday, January 9th, at 9 PM with another tasty show. The MacWorld Expo in San Francisco kicked off today and as many of you know... we like all things Apple. Tune in and call us up to talk about the new Apple products whether you like or dislike Apple. Aside from this I'm sure we'll be covering some other sizzling topics.

As always, you can tune in to the stream around 8:50 PM to listen to a mix of tunes that Derek's iPod selected for your ears.

See you tonight!




A New Year: A New Show

Hey SCEPH Buddies. Glad to see you here in the new year. We hope you all had a great holiday and that your new year is filled with nothing but amazing things. Here is our latest show to start you on that trend of amazing things.

Show 301 - 01.02.07


2 Weeks of Shows = Twice the Eruption

Last week's show was delayed being put online because I forgot to bring my USB Flash drive to transfer the song from the server computer. But now we have both last week's show and this week's show online, so enjoy.

Show 214

Show 215



Listen to the show. You know you want to. Ninja rap and the onion eye? You'll just have to tune in tonight at 9 PM to find out.

Last week we had a brief discussion of contests and sponsors for the show. If you are interested in having your own spot featuring your business, website, or perhaps just yourself talking about something you really want to get out onto the air then please contact us via e-mail (scephdjs (at) gmail.com). In an ideal world you could provide say... an online code good for the purchase of something... then by providing that code good for $ towards the purchase of an item online we would promote you and your business, website, hair style, etc. The promotional item would be given away to a lucky caller who wins whatever contest we would have put together.


Show 213 Online

We talked about favorite video games of all time, the little old man who ran over people in the Farmer's Market, Douglas Reinhardt called in and gave a couple of reviews on Stranger Than Fiction, Jay Z, and Finding Nemo, Robin and Derek made a wish on a wish bone and both lost, and more.

Here's the show if you missed it. Show 213.

Happy Thanksgiving. Eat lots of turkey.


Show 212 Online

Another Tuesday gone; another SCEPH episode done.

Listen here - Show 212


Show 211 is Online

Thanks again to all of our loyal listeners and to anyone who takes the time to download and listen to any of our archived shows. We appreciate your patronage.

Show 211

SHOW 211: Tonight at 9:00pm PST. BE THERE

As we do every Tuesday night SCEPH will be bringing you the mad talky talky over the internet radio super highway. Call us, IM us, throw pies at us, do something with us and it will make it a whole lot more interesting.

Colter Freeman is celebrating his final week of living in Orange County. So perhaps you want to make this an opportunity to pay tribute to the man who's movin' to New York City. Call in/ IM us/ post something on here or our MySpace Blog with your favorite Colterisms, Colter Stories, Colter Songs, Photographs, etc.

There is some good "My Dick, your dick" action going on over at our MySpace Blog. Go HERE and get in on it.